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Looking west on Main Street about 1910.

Whitnah and Davisson Store with Masonic Temple on the second floor about 1910.

Bigelow - Foster Mercantile before the fire of 1895.

Site of Bigelow - Foster Mercantile after the fire of 1895. Preparing to build the brick building that replaced the wooden structure.

The Farmers Bank at its original location at the northwest corner of Main Street and Elm Street.

Entrance to the Farmers Bank at its original location.

Unidentified man in an unidentified car at the intersection of Main Street and Elm Street.

Frank Moore's International Harvester dealership on west Main Street - about 1938.

Moore Park windmill on West Main Street - about 1934.

Moore Park shelter house - about 1942.

The wooden Gardner schoolhouse, later replaced by the brick Gardner High School. The building was separated, one section was moved across Shawnee Street and is now a home. The other section was moved out to Moonlight Road near 163rd Street and was a home for many years.

The Gardner High School built in 1915 by the Cramer and Eyerly brothers.

Photo taken about 1910.

Photo taken shortly before demolition.

Skelly station on north side of Main Street, presently Excellence I. Mr. Gordon with his daughter Lucille Gordon Ewing, and David D. Gay. Mr. Gay drove the fuel tank truck parked next to the station.

The Standard station at its grand opening. Station was opened by Ben Donovan.

Methodist Church at the northwest corner of Warren Street and Elm Street.

Church of Christ, Built in 1912 by the Cramer and Eyerly brothers.

Baptist Church - replaced the building damaged by the tornado of 1915.

First Presbyterian Church.