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Gardner Historical Museum, formerly the H. B. Foster home, as it appeared in the late 1940s.

Side view of the Gardner Historical Museum as it appeared in the late 1940s.

Frank Sponable's home, the present location of the Bruce Funeral Home.

Mrs. J. C. Moore's home located at the northwest corner of Center Street and Warren Street. The house was built in 1902 for $1,500 (Gardner Gazette - 1902) by the Cramer and Eyerly brothers.

Located at 133 W Main Street, built for W. J. "Billy" Johnston, vice president of the Farmers Bank and Trust, by the Cramer and Eyerly brothers in early 1904.

The D. D. Gay home located on west Main Street. Owned for a number of years by Mrs. Della Moore and son Eldon Moore.

Located at 139 W Main Street.

The V. R. Ellis house at 132 W. Park Street. Built for V. R. Ellis in the fall of 1904 by the Cramer and Eyerly Brothers. Owned by Arthur Johnston, then by his daughter Mary Moore (pictured on the porch). It is the present home of Brad and Nancee Rankin.

The W. J. Ott home on south Center Street. It is presently the William Gay Apartments across the street from the Blazer Burger.

Gardner home.

The W. J. Bigelow home south of the east viaduct. Later owned by John F. Rankin, then by Eddie Mistle.

Gardner home.

Results of the 1905 tornado. The barn, on its side, was at the southeast corner of Main Street and Oak Street. The house that can be seen behind the barn is the V. R. Ellis house on Park Street.

More results from the 1905 tornado. The frame Catholic Church can be seen in the background. Mrs. J. C. Moore's home, at the northwest corner of Center Street and Warren Street can be seen on the right.