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Fred and Elsie Hermon farm at the northwest corner of 151st Street and Moonlight Road. This house was located on the Southwest corner of the farm. Grace Donovan Hermon is in the carriage. Ray and Elmira Hermon McDaniels are standing to the left of their mother, Elsie Gay Hermon. Elma Hermon Hoffine is in the baby carriage, and Fred Hermon is standing next to his team of horses. Elma and Beulah Hermon Gottstein were both born in this house.

Ethel Moore Rankin and George M. Rankin at their farm west of Gardner at the northwest corner of Dillie Road and 175th Street. The house was built in 1872 by George's grandfather, David Vance Rankin.

George M. Rankin on the haystack, and Homer Rankin holding the horse's reins.

Elizabeth Walker Moore and John C. Moore with their son Billy Moore in front of the farmhouse southeast of Gardner.

Arthur Johnston's farmhouse located on 175th Street close to the entrance to north I-35.